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Indican Pictures releases UNION in theaters

Indican Pictures has picked up North American rights for UNION including Theatrical release set for August 2nd in LA (Arena on Sunset) and San Francisco (4 Star Theater on Clement) with more cities and dates to be scheduled including GA, AL, VA, DC, MO, and ND. Lionsgate has all other North American media rights for UNION. Please spread the word to your friends and families! The more people go to see it in the theater the longer it will be there and the more cities it will roll out to!

"It’s such a great story. UNION brings it into the current day. There are women doing this now in many parts of the world where their freedom is curbed by their culture. Trans-ness is one issue. Assuming a male identity for survival is another. Having both genders within you is yet another, and UNION touches on all of them subtly, without judgment or generalizations. I don’t know any LGBTQ themed film (that doesn’t cross into the lurid or insist on an equally significant heterosexual relationship share the story OR that doesn’t end tragically) on this epic and grand scale. UNION will make a huge impact on the future of such films and the communities it reflects so positively."

Emily Tetzlaff

Off-Broadway Director

UNION - the play

New Circle Theater Company

Oberon Theater

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