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“This is an amazing, groundbreaking, and might I add, historically accurate movie about female Civil War soldiers...some of whom were what we would today consider queer. Google soldier Loretta Velasquez who had several same sex love affairs. Sarah Emma Edmonds, a Union soldier, was engaged to a woman. These stories existed and it’s a joy to see women like them represented. Thank you for giving LGBTQ and gender non confirming people their rightful place in historical epics. Thank you also for including Native American characters who have depth as well as representing two-spirited people. Simply wonderful.”

Marissa Cohen
Former Reviewer
SHE Magazine

“Union is cinematically vast, but also intimate, and the core theme of the story is a largely unexplored one for the period—gender identity, a subject that makes Hamilton highly relevant to the zeitgeist. But that is an incomplete description for her as a filmmaker, because many women did, in fact disguise themselves as men during the Civil War and Union is based on a true story. This film is not only hip to the times, but also respectful of history, and that balance of seeming opposites is an achievement.  Like the battlefields it depicts, Union puts preconceived notions and casual opinions on perilous ground, as Hamilton-Newcomb reveal in two emotionally loaded performances. Anyone delving into the state of affairs today, and how we got here, will benefit from watching ambitious, finely wrought films like this one.”

Doug Whipple
New Hope Film Festival

"It’s such a great story. UNION brings it into the current day. There are women doing this now in many parts of the world where their freedom is curbed by their culture. Trans-ness is one issue. Assuming a male identity for survival is another. Having both genders within you is yet another, and UNION touches on all of them subtly, without judgment or generalizations. I don’t know any LGBTQ themed film (that doesn’t cross into the lurid or insist on an equally significant heterosexual relationship share the story OR that doesn’t end tragically) on this epic and grand scale. UNION will make a huge impact on the future of such films and the communities it reflects so positively."

Emily Tetzlaff
Off-Broadway Director
New Circle Theater Company
Oberon Theater








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